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불가리아 거주 비자

PANAX 2018. 2. 27. 16:43

불가리아 체류 관련 문의사항에 대한 주재국 이민국 답변

90일간의 무비자 이후 예외적 체류연장 허가를 받을 경우 불가리아 내에서만 효력이 있는지?

- 90일간의 무비자 체류 이후, 교통사고 및 질병 등으로 불가피하게 불가리아 체류연장이 필요하다고 이민국이 판단하는 경우 예외적으로 체류연장 허가를 해주고 있음. 이 체류 연장은 상기와 같이 불가피한 사유로 체류 연장을 하는 것이므로, 유럽에 다른 국가를 방문하고 불가리아를 재입국하는 것은 불가능함.


18세 이상(민법상 성인)의 학생의 경우, 부모의 체류자격으로 체류허가 신청이 가능한지?

- 21세까지 가능함.(미혼이어야 하며 부모의 부양 확인서, 재학증명서 등 필요). 장애인과 같이 아주 예외적인 경우는 만 26세 까지 가능함.


영주권을 가진 사람이 부모님과 불가리아에 체류하기 위한 방법은?

1) 먼저 부모님이 D비자를 받아서 불가리아에 입국

2) 불가리아 입국 후, 이민국에 체류허가 신청(상세 내용 아래 이민국 사이트에서 확인)

링크 바로가기 (5번 사항)


한국의 성인 남성은 의무적으로 군복무를 거쳐야하는 바, 이 경우 영주권을 유지하는 방법은?

- 불가리아 영주권을 유지하기 위해서는 연속 12개월 이상 다른 국가에 체류하면 안됨. 군복무로 인하여 12개월 이상 한국에 체류할 경우, 불가리아 이민국의 심의를 거쳐 영주권 유지 여부가 결정됨.


한국 병무청, 군복무자중 영주권이 취소되지 않고 병역의무를 이행할 수 있도록 영주권자 입영희망원 제도 운영(상세사항 병무청 홈페이지 참조)


체류허가 연장 신청은 언제해야 하는지?

- 영주권은 만료일로부터 2개월 전에, 체류허가는 만료일로부터 최소 14일 전에 신청해야 함.


한국에서 대형 차를 운전할 수 있는 면허증을 불가리아에서 대형 차를 운전할 수 있는 면허증으로 교환할 수 있는지?

- -불가리아 운전면허상호인증 협정에 따라, 한국의 모든 운전면허증은 불가리아 운전면허증 B(보통) 교환됨. 불가리아에서 대형 차를 운전할 수 있는 C 또는 D의 운전면허증은 불가리아 기관에서 요구하는 자격조건을 갖추어 별도로 취득해야 함. /   


Adv. Georgi Minov

Мember of the Sofia Bar Association
Part-time assistant at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski


A foreigner can enter the Republic of Bulgaria if he/she holds a valid travel document or another substituting document issued as well as a visa when such is required.
only foreigners who are located outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
can apply for visa. Visas are issued by the Diplomatic and Consular representations of the Republic of Bulgaria at the domicile address of the applicant.

Types of Visas are:
Airport transit  Visa (Visa type “A”)
Short-stay  Visa (Visa type “C”)
Long-term residence Visa (Visa type “D”)


A short-stay
visa – Visa Type “C” for up to 90 days (for airport transit visa type “A” respectively) is not required for citizens of the Republic of Korea who are holders of ordinary passports. According to a list of countries representing an Annex II of the Council Regulation 539/2001 and a signed agreement between Bulgaria and the Republic of Korea, no visa is required for the citizens of the Republic of Korea if the purpose of their visit is only tourism and they do not intend to stay in the country for period more than 90 days. Foreigners staying more than 90 days in Bulgaria have to receive a long-term residence visa – Visa Type “D” before entering the country.



Visa Type “D” (first type) - A long-term residence visa with a validity term of up to 6 months and a right of residence of up to 180 days shall be issued to a foreigner who wishes to have an extended, a long-term or a permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria and when he/she meet the certain requirements under Bulgarian Laws.
The holder of Visa Type "D" (first type) can apply for a long-term residence - this intention has to be proven and the relevant ground has to exist in order this type of visa to be issued.
Visa Type "D" (first) shall be invalidated upon the issuance of a residence permit.

VISA "D" (first type) :
1. Visa Application form - the visa application has to be submitted personally not earlier than         3 months before the date of the planned trip. An interview with the applicant is mandatory.
2. Regular travel document is required;
3. Copies of the pages of the foreign travel document containing personal information, visas and/or copies of the residence permits.
4. Latest color photo in passport size;
5. Documents giving grounds for the request for the issuance of a long-term residence visa;
6. At initial application the applicant shall point out his/her address in Bulgaria, shall have a compulsory health insurance, sufficient means for his/her living, without resorting to the social assistance system, in the amount of at least the minimum monthly salary or the minimum pension according to the Bulgarian legislation for the period of  stay.
7. At the initial application for a residence permit, persons over 18 years of age, except those ones without a citizenship, shall present a valid criminal record issued by the state whose citizens they are, or issued by the state in which they are habitual residents.

VISA "D" (second type)
Visa Type “D”  (second type) - A long-term residence visa with a validity term of up to one year and with a right of residence of up to 360 days can be issued to foreigners who are conducting scientific research, or are students under one year’s training programs, post-graduate students or trainees, foreigners seconded by a foreign employer to carry out specific tasks related to the control and coordination of the execution of a contract for tourist services, as well as to foreigners seconded by a foreign employer to make investments, certified under the Investment Promotion Act.
The holder of this type of Visa "D" cannot apply for a long-term residence and has to leave the country when the visa is expired.

VISA "D" (first and second type)
The long-residence visa "D" (both types) entitles the holder of multiple entries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria within the visa validity period.

Fees for Visa Type "D"
The visa fee shall be paid upon submitting the visa application and is not refundable irrespective of the final decision to be or not to be issued.
1. When applying for a long-residence Visa Type "D" / first type / the applicant pays EUR 100;
2. When applying for a long-residence Visa Type "D" / second type / the applicant pays EUR 200;


The foreigners may reside in the Republic of Bulgaria in case of:
1. Short-term stay - up to 90 days within each 180-days period considered from the date of the first entry into the country;
2. Extended  stay –  the allowed period is up to one year;

3. Long-term stay – when the initially allowed period is 5 years, with a possibility of renewal after submission of application;

4. Permanent stay - when the allowed period is unlimited.

The Migration Directorate to the Ministry of the Interior and the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Interior are the competent authorities to issue residence permits.



An extended residence permit with allowed stay up to one year shall be issued to foreigners  holders of  Visa Type "D"  (first type) if they meet the conditions laid down in the Bulgarian laws.

The application shall be  submitted 14 days before the expiration of the allowed residence period or 14 days before  the expiration day of the issued Visa Type „D“ .

The application shall be  considered within 14 days of its submission. In case of legal and factual complexity and necessity of additional documents to be presented, this period can be extended by one month.


1. For a period of up to 6 months - BGN 210

 2. For a period of up to 1 year - BGN 510 (exceptions between 110-160 BGN)



The long-term resident status shall be granted to any foreigner who has legally and permanently resided on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for 5 years before submitting the application.

Periods of absence from the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria shall not be considered as a suspension of the residence period, if they are shorter than 6 consecutive months and do not exceed a total of 10 months during the five-years period. The period of time spent in other countries of the European Union is not equal to the period of time spent in Bulgaria.

A foreigner who has received a  long-term residence status in Bulgaria shall receive a long-term residence permit in the European Union. In this case, he/she can also reside in other European Union countries.

The validity term of this permit is 5 years and can  be extended upon its expiration, after submission of an application.

Family members of a foreigner who has a long-term residence status can receive an extended residence permit with up to one-year validity period and a possibility of renewal without exceeding of  the allowed residence permit of the long-term resident. Family members can receive extended  residence permits if they meet certain requirements.

Deadline for the submission of an application: At least two months before the expiration of the permitted residence period of the foreigner in the country.

Term the application to be considered: Within two months period. In case of legal and factual complexity and necessity  additional documents or information to be presented, the time limit can be extended by two months.

The fee  is BGN 120



Permanent residence permit shall be granted to the foreigners who meet the requirements stipulated in  the Bulgarian laws.

The status of permanent resident gives a foreigner the right to legaly live and work  on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for an unlimited period of time.

The application has to  be submitted within 2 months before the expiry of the permitted stay.

The application shall be considered within two months period, but this period can be extended further  by two more months.

The total fee to be paid is BGN  1010



Types of deprivation of the right to reside in the Republic of Bulgaria:

-          Return to the country of origin, to other country for transit passing or to  third country;

-          Expulsion;

-          Prohibition of entry and stay on the territory of the Member States of the European Union;

-          Prohibition on leaving the Republic of Bulgaria.

All  ordinances for imposing of coercive administrative measures can be appealed under the terms and conditions of the law before the competent Bulgarian courts.



A fine from BGN 500 to BGN 5000  shall be imposed on foreigners in the following cases:

 - Foreigner who entered the territtory of Bulgaria after beeing expeeled;

-  Foreigner who performs labor, commercial or other type of activities without having the relevant authorization or registration;

-  Foreigner who has remained in the country after the expiry of his/her residence permit.