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Waste plants press

KBEP 2009. 12. 16. 16:22

During yesterday's meeting of government with municipalities on waste depots and purifying stations was decided:


  • part of VAT from OP Environment and Program on Agricultural development projects will remain in municipalities - municipalities will receive temporary interest-free credits in order to be able to charge VAT
  • in next 2 years municipalities will receive state land for free for constructing waste depots because often they had to buy it from the state and that was not financially feasible for them

Future changes in the Waste regulation Act provide for every municipality to deviate part of waste tax for depots closure and possible pollution from them in a special account of the eco ministry. Municipalities argue that they will reserve part of the money for these purposes but want to use them in the meantime for other purposes.

These changes in the act will be considered later.