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They give up to BGN 15,000 for solar panels on the house

Mайка 2022. 11. 3. 07:08

They give up to BGN 15,000 for solar panels on the house

Households will be able to receive up to BGN 15,000 for installing solar panels on their houses.

Funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan

They are about to release the application rules for public consultation

BGN 1,960 for hot water from the sun

Households will be able to receive money under the Recovery and Resilience Plan to build photovoltaic systems to produce electricity for personal consumption, as well as solar water heating systems. This is clear from the written response of the Acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov to a question by deputies from GERB-SDS.

For the construction of photovoltaic systems up to 10 kW, which can be combined with energy storage systems, the maximum amount of free financing per household is planned to be up to BGN 15 thousand.

For the construction of solar installations for domestic hot water, the maximum amount of free financing per household is planned to be up to BGN 1,960.83.

The National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability envisages a "Program for financing single measures for energy from renewable sources in single-family buildings and multi-family buildings". It foresees the financing of measures for the use of energy from renewable sources by households, Minister Hristov pointed out in his answer.

The determined total budget for the program is BGN 240 million, of which BGN 140 million is the non-reimbursed financing with money from the EU, and BGN 100 million is the national public and private co-financing.

Eligible final recipients under the program are all Bulgarian citizens or foreigners with the status of permanent residents in Bulgaria, living in their own house or apartment in a multi-family building. It is expected that the procedure for the selection of proposals for the implementation of investments by final recipients under this scheme will be announced by the end of the year.

The Ministry of Energy has prepared a package of documents for a procedure by selecting proposals for household investments in energy from renewable sources. These documents will describe in detail the conditions for applying and the conditions for receiving a grant, it is clear from Minister Hristov's answer.

In these documents there is information about the necessary documents, the application method, the deadlines for submitting the proposals and for the implementation of the investments. The procedure for providing funds is to be coordinated with the Minister of Finance for compliance with the rules for providing state aid. The documents will then be released for public comment.


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