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Journalist: Bulgaria Still Has Chance for Early Election

Mайка 2021. 1. 15. 16:39

January 8, 2021, Friday // 13:10

In Brussels, they will look at Bulgaria and its government system in a different way now. The way democracy works in our country will be seen in a different light. We have lined up along those countries where democracy is not functioning well,journalist Svetla Petrova said before "Studio Actualno" talk show.

She commented on the latest report of the European Commission and the resolution of the European Parliament addressed to Bulgaria. According to Svetla Petrova, Bulgaria has not yet lost the chance to hold early parliamentary elections. According to Petrova, the government in Bulgaria does not promote viable measures, but launches an election campaign and political parties are “shopping for electorate” wholesale.

"Millions are being squandered, which is nothing but an attempt to buy and sell prospective voters. They can interpret it however they want, but I ask why they did not do so in previous years with a much more consistent and thoughtful policy", noted Svetla Petrova. She said throwing money for pensioners, social care for families and so on would not have the necessary social effect.

"Suddenly a critical mass of people, and a huge percentage of them young and educated has come to the fore. It was amazing how many intelligent and wonderful people took part in the protests. At the same time, people with a criminal mentality, uneducated and shallow, claim that Bulgaria has no alternative. This is such arrogance - unprecedented and unheard of," Svetla Petrova commented on the protests. According to her, in order to have free and objective media, society must have such a need and insist on it.


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