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Veselin Mareshki Will Run for Sofia's Mayor

KBEP 2019. 7. 1. 17:05

Veselin Mareshki Will Run for Sofia's Mayor

I think to run for mayor of Sofia. It will be a show. I’ve heard that Maya Manolova and Slavi Trifonov will participate. I'll do a good campaign. People in Lyulin recognize me very well because of the gas stations, revealed Veselin Mareshki.

He also answered whether he had spoken to Tsvetanov to join the “Volya” party: Tsvetan Tsvetanov is right to feel an injustice. This sharp distinction from him is unfair. Mr. Tsvetanov proved that he is a very good organizer. I've heard of him. I have no memory of talking about the topic of joining “Volya”, Mareshki told bTV.

We made an analysis of the European elections. People did not go to vote because of the disgust of the political system and the misunderstanding of the European elections. We did not reach 30 000 votes. Our analysis showed that people did not want to send me to Brussels and wanted to stay here in Bulgaria. That's why they did not vote for us. The other thing is that we have not been able to buy enough Romanies voices and to win their love. Now I have enrolled a course on this subject. My teacher is Krasimir Karakachanov, he pointed out.

You can not spend this unimaginable amount of money on fighter jets when people barely pay their bills and there is lack of medical supplies. Party subsidies can not affect the lives of Bulgarians. Here we are talking about a few millions, and the  fighters cost is about billions. I do not know how much overpayments we have to get back. We are not waiting for this subsidy. Our donations to hospitals and elderly people are 300,000 leva per month. I can not wait for this subsidy. For me, in order for a party to function normally, the subsidy should be at least BGN 300,000 per month and the ceiling should be 500,000 leva, said Mareshki.

Bulgaria: Veselin Mareshki Will Run for Sofia's Mayor