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New plant of the German car concert Volkswagen

KBEP 2019. 6. 27. 16:32

New plant of the German car concert Volkswagen

Bulgaria is the leader in the list of favorites for the new plant of the German car concert Volkswagen, says the specialized German edition Automobilwoche. Depending on which concern it gives preference to Sofia's production base in front of that in Izmir. A preliminary decision to build the plant will be taken by early July, says Automobilwoche. 

The information is different from that of the German Handelsblatt. 

According to Automobilwoche, there are now inter-company talks about the sale of production property near Sofia. 

There are many Austrian banks and investors involved in the talks with Sofia, the newspaper said. It is certain that the decision will be taken by the headquarters of the Wolfsburg concert, not the Škoda division. Personally engaged and leading the process of choosing is the Production Manager and Member of the Board of Directors Oliver Blume. So far, Skoda boss Bernhard Meyer was in charge of the operation. The plant is expected to open between 4000 and 5000 jobs and the investment of EUR 1.3 billion makes it the largest Volkswagen project in recent years.

Source: Trud