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A supercomputer center will be created in Sofia.

KBEP 2019. 6. 12. 23:38

supercomputer center will be created in Sofia.

The city is one of the eight locations worldwide selected for the project. The other places in the world are Barcelona (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Kenyan (Finland), Minu (Portugal), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Bissen (Luxembourg) and Maribor (Slovenia), the European Commission quoted dnesvnik.bg.

Super-fast computing offices will work to help European researchers, industry and businesses. They will create new applications in many areas - from discovering drugs and new materials to tackling environmental change.

Along with EU money, the total budget for these activities will be 840 million euros. It is likely that supercomputers will work in the second half of next year.

Bulgaria: A Supercomputer Center Will be Created in Sofia