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Spire PV module line

Mайка 2010. 2. 18. 00:28

Spire Corporation is a Massachusetts corporation incorporated in 1969 with its principal offices located at one Patriots Park, Bedford, Massachusetts.

Spire Corporation is a global solar company providing turnkey production lines and capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic modules and cells worldwide. Spire Semiconductor provides processing technology for Spire’s silicon solar cell manufacturing lines and produces and sells custom gallium arsenide cells for solar concentrator systems.

The Company’s revenues for the past five years have ranged from $17.3 million to $68.7 million.

Spire ensures its customers uninterrupted production by also supplying module materials. Materials include solar cells, laminating materials, glass, and other necessary components needed to produce high quality PV modules.

Spire's production lines are fully supported by process technology, spare parts, training, field service, extended equipment warranty and optional service contracts. Complete training in process technology, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting is included. Spire's Customer Satisfaction Group maintains ongoing business relationships with its customers and provides worldwide customer service with rapid response times.

They offer turnkey production lines for:


·       Module Lines

·       Cell Lines

·       Thin Film Lines


They manufacture the PV equipment needed to make modules and cells.