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The working program for 2010 for Operational Program “Environment”

KBEP 2009. 12. 9. 20:03

The working program for 2010 for Operational Program “Environment” was approved



The Monitoring Committee for Operational Program “Environment approved the indicative annual working program for 2010.


The main changes in sector “Waste” set up in the working program are:

·         A procedure for direct provision of grants is implemented for the municipalities which are beneficiaries.

·         The principle of direct invitation to the municipalities will be used depending on their project development (readiness) which presents an opportunity for them to apply all year round with the condition that their projects are in an enough advanced stage of preparation.

·         Mandatory own financial participation of the municipalities in the projects is implemented. Its amount is 5, 8 and 10% of the value of the eligible costs of the project for the period 2010-2012.


With an act from the Council of Ministers the financing from OP “Environment” for the “Waste” sector is focused on the construction of regional systems for waste management.


The new operational changes include preliminary consultations in order to discover the coverage of the project and to eliminate possible deficiencies and vagueness with the help of experts from the Managing Authority, Intermediary Body and the directorate for “Waste Management”.


New indicative goals include regional recycling goals whose fulfillment should not be at the cost of a sharp increase in the price for waste management in the region and should be implemented in a way that allows for sustainable functioning and development of the regional system. Indicative maximum cost and its distribution on the types of equipment for the grant. The distribution of costs is only indicative and it may be redistributed if certain equipment is proved to be less or more needed in certain areas.


A new reserve fund will be established which will guarantee construction of all regional systems and completion of the systems for regional waste facilities on time.